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I'm Ang and I help purpose-driven professionals live and communicate more intentionally so they can enjoy their work more and make a greater impact.

Speaker - Coach - Consultant

If you want to be more intentional with your time and energy, then you need a clear vision of what you're working towards.  

The truth is many people do not have a clear and compelling vision of what they're working towards. This causes people to simply react to life, versus intentionally designing it. 


According to a recent Gallup Workplace Study, 85% of people are DISENGAGED from their work.

I believe this disengagement is due to a lack of connection to their personal vision and how their work fits into that. One of the best things we can do as leaders is to ensure our team members have a personal vision and their work aligns with it. This creates more engaged employees who make a greater impact.


With the Best Clients and Partners

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After an hour with Ang, your audience will:

  • Reframe how they view "problems" or what it is they don't want, contrast = clarity, problems = opportunities

  • Discover what is needed to bring their life and career goals into reality, the 4 step framework

  • Reflect on WHO they need to be, the environment and habits they need to create the results they desire

  • Learn how to embrace resilience and adaptability through strategies that help them navigate setbacks, failures, and uncertainties with a positive mindset and a growth-oriented attitude so they can continue to make progress in a way that aligns with their vision

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More About Ang

I'm Angela Barnard, also known as Ang. I'm a global communications consultant and career coach who speaks on intentional life & career design and influential communication.


My desire to help others live and communicate more intentionally grew from landing a dream role and witnessing so many leaders around me disengaged from their work, just going through the motions, counting down the hours until they could be elsewhere. 


I decided I wanted to be more intentional with my life, to truly enjoy my work and make a greater impact. So I crafted a compelling vision, learned communication strategies to authentically influence myself and others and practiced them. My results led to consulting with every single branch of the U.S. military, FBI agents, university and school district leaders, as well as public and corporate leaders across the globe.


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I have spent the past decade teaching others how to craft their own compelling visions and learn communication strategies to  create the kind of results they desire. I believe every person should prioritize having a compelling vision, uplifting energy and influential communication skills. 

If you're like most people,

when you hear Ang speak, you want to take notes!  She appeals to a variety of audiences and shares engaging stories and science to support her teachings. Her goal is to engage and inspire her audiences and leave them with helpful strategies they can start using right away! She can speak at your...

Virtual Event

In-Person Event

Breakout Session

James Fisher, MD Medical Consultant at Unum

I recently had the great privilege to work with and learn from Angela in a large group setting consisting of a highly variable attendee pool based on age and profession. All I can say is ‘Wow!’ She is one of the most personable and engaging speakers and proctors I have ever encountered. Angela readily establishes trust and rapport with her group members and demonstrated advanced teaching and coaching abilities. She clearly has an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge in her field, but also possesses highly developed communication skills and keen judgement to discern how best to make that information easily relatable to diverse individuals. I give Angela my highest recommendation and I sincerely hope to have further opportunities to learn from her in the future as well.



From Vision

to Reality:

The 4 Step  Framework to Create the Results You Desire


Ignite Your Influence: Communication Secrets for Personal & Professional Success

Workshops & Breakout Sessions

Ang facilitates workshops and breakout sessions that take a deeper dive into concepts discussed in her keynotes. All workshops are customizable, interactive and include an activity that benefits the audience. 


Current Workshops & Team Building Activities:

  • Clarify Your Vision Live: Set Goals and Create a Visual That Aligns with How the Brain Works

    • 3-4 hours or 90 minutes (Mini Version)

  • Energize Your Workplace: Learn Communication and Energy Shifting Tools to Influence Team Members and Customers

    • 90 minutes or 45 minutes (Mini Version)

On The Blog

Other Services

In addition to speaking, Ang offers 1:1 career coaching services and leads a group coaching program focused on helping ambitious professionals follow through on their goals by implementing habits and systems that align with their desired outcomes. Ang also offers online courses designed to help people clarify their visions and be more intentional with their time and energy.

1:1 Career Coaching

1:1 coaching is for the ambitious professional desiring a career change and wanting 1:1 personalized support to gain a clear understanding of what they want for their career/life as whole, as well as all the communication strategies, documents and examples needed to make the transition.

Commit to Your Vision Program

This is a group coaching program for ambitious folks committed to taking action on a dream. This group includes 1:1 support, group accountability with consistent meetings and tools to help you be more intentional with your time and energy so you progress on what's most important to you. 

Online Courses

Ang's most commonly purchased online course is Clarify Your Vision, which helps people who want to live more intentional lives take a step by step approach to crafting a clear vision for their overall lives so they can be more intentional with their time, energy and resources. 

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Get Your Energy Communication Guide

So you can recognize the 7 levels, shift negativity and boost your energy & performance.

This guide explains the seven levels of communication you're already using, but gives you tips to use them MORE intentionally so you can create the results you desire. When used intentionally, you'll notice increased satisfaction in life and work, business growth and a positive impact on others.


A Top 1% Globally Ranked Podcast

The Intentional Mind Podcast

This podcast is all about helping purpose-driven professionals intentionally design their lives through clarity, habits and relationships that foster more energy, confidence and enjoyment so at the end of it all, we all can say we're proud of how we used our time and energy.

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