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"Amazing results come from having a clear vision of who you want to be and being intentional about how you show up."

I'm Ang Barnard and I speak about two topics:


1. Authentic influential communication - high energy communication secrets that foster personal and professional success

2. Intentional life design - a brain-based approach to making your desires a reality


Signature Speaking Engagements

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Great For:

Those wanting to learn how to communicate more intentionally in both their personal and professional lives, create an energizing workplace, boost performance and make a greater impact on those they serve. This talk is especially great for leaders who manage a team or whose successes depend on influencing others to buy into a service or treatment, as well as establishing great client relationships/experiences.


Ignite Your Influence: Communication Secrets for Personal & Professional Success

In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, being an ambitious leader is about more than managing tasks and resources; it's about inspiring and influencing ourselves and others to achieve extraordinary results. This transformative approach to leadership, known as energy leadership, takes conventional techniques to the next level by focusing on authentic, influential communication and recognizing the profound impact words and energy have on our results.

During this engaging keynote presentation, we will explore real-world examples that provide valuable insights into how the words we choose and the energy behind our communication directly impact our outcomes. You'll discover practical strategies for reducing catabolic (destructive) energy, resulting from negative colleagues or customers. You'll learn communication secrets to cultivate anabolic energy – the uplifting, joy-filled productive energy that fosters an environment where people thrive and customers keep coming back.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adapting your communication style to different situations and personalities for better outcomes

  • Discovering how to inspire action and convey your ideas and vision in a compelling and persuasive manner

  • Learning practical strategies to manage your own energy and create a positive presence in your interactions

  • Cultivating empathy, respect, and inclusivity in your communication to foster a culture of open collaboration and a positive work environment

  • Learning from real-world examples to illustrate the power of using intentional communication strategies focused on shifting energy


From Vision to Reality: The 4 Step  Framework to Create the Results You Desire

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get wrapped up in the daily to dos and to keep saying, I'll do that thing on my heart or achieve those goals "someday," but we all know someday never comes. We must be intentional about creating the results we want or we won't create them. This involves training our minds to be who we want to be and aligning our time and energy with our visions. In this keynote talk, we will explore the 4 step framework to bring your desires into reality to empower audiences to show up more intentionally in their work and lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reframe how you view "problems" or what it is you don't want, contrast = clarity, problems = opportunities

  • Discover what is needed to bring your life & career goals into reality, the 4 step framework

  • Reflect on WHO you need to be, the environment and habits you need to create the results you desire

  • Learn how to embrace resilience and adaptability through strategies that help you navigate setbacks, failures, and uncertainties with a positive mindset and a growth-oriented attitude so you can continue to make progress in a way that aligns with your vision

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Great For:

Ambitious professionals or leaders looking for something fun and different to inspire their team members to be more intentional with their time and energy, show them they value them personally and professionally, and create an engaged and productive team. This talk and accompanying workshop/breakout session is especially great for leaders wanting to energize their team and improve their connection to one another.


Great For:

Those desiring a hands on activity that engages each audience member and allows for opportunities to learn helpful strategies, share and connect with one another.

Workshops & Breakout Sessions 

An interactive dive into keynote topics with the option to personalize the workshop to meet organizational objectives

Ang's breakout sessions and workshops foster engagement and include activities that are meaningful to the audience's desired outcomes. Sessions always include learning from examples, and creating a plan with next action steps.

Current Workshops & Team Building Activities:

  • Energize Your Workplace: Learn Communication and Energy Shifting Tools to Influence Team Members and Customers

    • 90 minutes or 45 minutes (Mini Version)

  • Clarify Your Vision Live: Set Goals and Create a Visual That Aligns with How the Brain Works
    • 3-4 hours, half day retreat or 90 minutes (Mini Version) 

Working with the Best Clients & Partners


James Fisher, MD Medical Consultant at Unum

I recently had the great privilege to work with and learn from Angela in a large group setting consisting of a highly variable attendee pool based on age and profession. All I can say is ‘Wow!’ She is one of the most personable and engaging speakers and proctors I have ever encountered. Angela readily establishes trust and rapport with her group members and demonstrated advanced teaching and coaching abilities. She clearly has an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge in her field, but also possesses highly developed communication skills and keen judgement to discern how best to make that information easily relatable to diverse individuals. I give Angela my highest recommendation and I sincerely hope to have further opportunities to learn from her in the future as well.

What Makes Ang Different?


Not just motivational, but strategic and transformational, always sharing next steps to implement right away


Knows how to teach concepts in an engaging  manner that a diverse audience can remember and use


Makes an effort to know the audience's needs and share stories and examples that are relatable and helpful

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